Website Migration

Seamless website migration , without the hassle

Transfer website from one hosting provider to another, or from one domain to another. The migration services include transferring files and databases, updating DNS records, and configuring the new server.

A professional website migration service. we help businesses and individuals to seamlessly move their website to a new hosting provider or domain without any downtime or loss of data. We have the necessary expertise and tools to perform the migration process quickly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of any technical issues.

A website migration service also offers support throughout the migration process, including setting up the new environment, testing the migrated website, and ensuring that the website is working correctly after the migration is complete. With a reliable website migration service, businesses and individuals can focus on their core operations, while leaving the technical aspects of website migration to the experts.

Website migration service

Transferring<br>files & database

files & database

Updating DNS records

Updating DNS records

Configuration<br>new server

new server

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration

HTML5 website migration

HTML5 website migration

Website migration steps

001-cloud computing

Step 01

Backup the existing website

002-under construction

Step 02

Choose a new hosting plan


Step 03

Setup new environment


Step 04

Test the new environment


Step 05

Migrate the website


Step 06

Test the migrate website


Step 07

Go live